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First hand reports from warriors

Sword in hand
Life on the line
One way out:
Your blood or mine!

How Julius Caesar made himself a Hero

This is the man. The real deal. The big kahuna. The one guy who everyone thinks of as soon as you say hero, leader, warrior. How did he get that way? On purpose is how. He intended to become a hero, worked hard it it, and did. Went to the Alps, France, Germany, England -- kicked barbarian butt everywhere he went. Then wrote down all his exploits, so that everyone would know what he had done. And he wrote just as skillfully as he fought.

War in Gaul by Julius Caesar is not just a classic. It is one heck of a thrilling story.

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The Battle of Cressy

The Hundred Years War lasted a hundred and sixteen years. This was the first big battle in it. A tale right full of valiant knights and raped damsels, crossbowmen, longbowmen, doughty wights and vile varlets. Written by a famous Frenchman who interviewed the very guys who fought there.

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The Battle of Poitiers

Do you like sword fight movies? Heroic knights in shining armor, filthy rich dukes and earls, the bad baron, the sly cardinal, the regal king, the patient squire? Did you ever wonder how it really was?

Here it is. The way it really was.

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Holy Cow! Pirates! The guys every boy dreams of. The guys everyone dreads. The guys Harlet riders dress up like and pretend to be. Written, not by Hollywood, but by a Dutch pirate who actually sailed with Morgan. This is no fantasy. This is life and death desperation.

Here it is. The way it really was.

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Desert Storm

400 years before Christ was born, and well over a thousand years before Mohammed was born, an allied army of free men from western democracies invaded Iraq. This was the first Desert Storm.

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The real deal as told by the real people on the ground at the time
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