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Dinner With Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun operated on the theory that once he had captured someone, they stayed captured. Didn't matter what they did, where they went, or how they got there, they still belonged to him. And Attila was no idle theoretician. Attila's whims drew blood.

Here are fascinating fragments of report written by a Roman official sent to take some of those escaped captives back to the barbarian. He also had to look the conqueror in he eye and explain to him why some of the captives on his list were still missing.

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  1. Attila the Hun's Perpetual Captives Policy
  2. Travelling to the Hunnic Homeland
  3. Incidents Among the Barbarians
  4. A Roman Renegade Among the Huns
  5. Dinner with Attila the Hun
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The real deal as told by the real people on the ground at the time
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