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The Battle of Poitiers

Do you like sword fight movies? Heroic knights in shining armor, filthy rich dukes and earls, the bad baron, the sly cardinal, the regal king, the patient squire? Did you ever wonder how it really was?

For example, if you could take away two actors obviously trying their best to smack one another on the sword in order to prolong a carefully rehearsed preposterous fencing scene, and in their place you put two actual scared guys fighting for their desperate lives, trying to really whack each other, then what does that really look like?

Well, here's the famous Battle of Poitiers, as told by guys who were there to the guy who wrote it down. No bull. No Hollywood. Just blood and guts.

  • one hour
  • downloadable MP3
  • 60 megabytes

Simply RIGHT CLICK each chapter title to download the MP3:

  1. Of the Great Host That the French King Brought To the Battle of Poitiers
  2. Of the Order of the Frenchmen Before the Battle of Poitiers
  3. How the Cardinal of Perigord Treated To Make Agreement Between the French King And the Prince Before the Battle of Poitiers
  4. Of the Battle of Poitiers Between the Prince of Wales and the French King
  5. Of Two Frenchmen That Fled From the Battle of Poitiers and Two Englishmen That Followed them
  6. How King John Was Taken Prisoner At the Battle of Poitiers
  7. Of the Gift That the Prince Gave To the Lord Audley After the Battle of Poitiers
  8. How the Englishmen Won Greatly At the Battle of Poitiers
  9. How the Lord James Audley Gave To His Four Squires the Five Hundred Marks of Revenues That the Prince Had Given Him
  10. How the Prince Made A Supper To the French King the Same Day of the Battle
  11. How the Prince Returned To Bordeaux After the Battle of Poitiers
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The real deal as told by the real people on the ground at the time
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