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Elizabeth Knapp of Groton

Savage man lived in a world which was alive. Rocks, trees, Ocean, Woman, wine, wind, all of these each each had a personal conscious soul, could think and choose and do what they wanted, and if you had any sense you would propitiate them. He wouldn't think it was odd at all to speak to a rock.

Modern man lives in a world where even his food arrives dead on a styrofoam tray. His life is no more than a chance succession of countless chemical reactions. If he started talking to a rock he might be committed. There are no souls.

Elizabeth Knapp lived in between. People no longer spoke to rocks; but God was still alive, Evil was still alive, God and Satan still battled, and she got caught in the crossfire.

Elizabeth Knapp of Groton was possessed by the Devil.

The observer who brings us her tale is no Puritan nitwit. He is a thoughtful, compassionate, skeptical man. But he lived in a world where souls, at least people's souls, were still real, and still mattered.

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