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The problem with history is historians!

Everyone has a story. Some stories are better than others. The all time very best stories become history. Deeds stranger than fiction. And the strangest thing about them is that they really did happen to real people. Unbelievable, impossible, incredible. But, oddly enough, really true. Flat out hair-raising tales.

So why is history so god damned boring? Because you never got to read history when you were in school. All you ever got to read was historians. Dried up monotonous droning old farts who think the sun rises and sets on their academic tenure. Stuff so dry it chokes you. To top it all off, this stuff is served up for the sole purpose of grading a multiple choice test by some dork who demands you call him Mister. What date did the Spanish Armada sail? What date was the Battle of Hastings? What date did I give a crap? Ever?

Here's the good news: History is still there. Unbelievable, impossible, incredible, hair-raising tales, written by the very real guys who really did them. Julius Caesar himself can still tell you himself how he made himself a hero. He was no scholar; but he was a fine writer. Guys who narrowly escaped from the ghastly clutches of the Spanish Inquisition and came back sixteen years later can tell you just how it was. Guys who walked across half Asia to visit a bloodthirsty barbarian conqueror come back and tell you how they lived. A guy who sailed around the entire world sampling sex and drugs sits down and tells you who has the prettiest girls in the world. Slave sellers and slaves. Soldiers and priests. Admirals and sailors. Guys who were there. Not dusty dweebs with bow ties boring the crap out of undergraduates; but a real guy clutching a knife in his fist and his life between his teeth.

No dates to memorize for a test. No dried up interpretation by scholarly nitwits who cannot construct a sentence less than twenty six feet long and moreover the verb in the wrong place is. Nope. Plain English. We have taken great pains to translate these first hand accounts into the way that people talk. Our sentences do not start with "Thus" or "Moreover".

First hand accounts translated into plain ordinary every day English recorded as MP3 audio books. Download and play a couple of samples today. This is exciting stuff!

The real deal as told by the real people on the ground at the time
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