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It may surprise you to know that Pirates made bigger money by capturing towns than ships. Not that they wouldn't take a ship if they got the chance. In fact, it may surprise you to learn that twenty pirates in a couple of canoes or in a single longboat would not hesitate to capture a mighty Spanish galleon. And did it. All the time.

Heartless as desert scorpions. Desperate as starving wolves. Improvident as helpless children. Brave as charging rhinos. Ready to take a fortified tall stone castle guarding the gates to the Spanish empire with no more than a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other.

A Dutchman who sailed with Captain Henry Morgan wrote what he saw with his own eyes and did with his own hands.

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  1. Big Fat Pete
  2. Pirates and Politics
  3. French Pete
  4. Portuguese Bart
  5. Rocky Brazil
  6. John Davis
  7. Lollonais
  8. About Maracaibo
  9. Lollonais in Maracaibo
  10. Lollonais in Gibraltar
  11. Lollonais in Nicaragua
  12. The Death of Lollonais
  1. Morgan and Mansvelt
  2. Morgan in Cuba
  3. Morgan Takes Porto Bello
  4. Morgan Blows Up
  5. Morgan Takes Maracaibo
  6. Morgan Escapes
  7. Morgan at Rio Hacha
  8. Morgan Takes St. Catherine
  9. Morgan Takes Chagre
  10. Morgan Takes Panama
  11. Morgan in Panama
  12. Esquemeling in Costa Rica
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