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The Battle of Cressy

So the English King brings a little bitty army over to Normandy, and all the French run away. He burns some towns, and more towns surrender. The French King sends his guys to stop them, and they run away. The English burn some more towns, and some more towns surrender. The English send a few hundred men over near Paris, and the French King runs away. The people of Paris begged him to stay; but he wouldn't. The French King sends an army bigger than the English one to stop the English from crossing a little ford across the Somme. His big army runs away. Finally, the French King brings an army eight times the size of the English, and catches up with them at Cressy. As soon as they spot the English, they fall into confusion, start killing each other, get the crap kicked out of them, and then, ... they run away. Then the French King runs away.

Lemme see.... flee, flee, give up, flee, flee, couple of more surrenders thrown in there, butt kicking, run away... Yep, I think I got that right.

How do we know this? A frog hater? An English boaster? Nope. A French historian who lived at the time asked the people who were there what happened, and wrote it down. Name of Froissart. Famous guy. Pulled no punches.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. That's a French saying, you know.

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  1. How The King Of England Came Over The Sea Again, To Rescue Them In Aiguillon
  2. How The King Of England Rode In Three Battles Through Normandy
  3. Of The Great Assembly That The French King Made To Resist The King Of England
  4. Of The Battle Of Caen, And How The Englishmen Took The Town
  5. How Sir Godfrey Of Harcourt Fought With Them Of Amiens Before Paris.
  6. How The French King Followed The King Of England In Beauvoisinois
  7. Of The Battle Of Blanche-Taque Between The King Of England And Sir Godemar Du Fay
  8. Of The Order Of The Englishmen At Cressy, And How They Made Three Battles Afoot
  9. The Order Of The Frenchmen At Cressy, And How They Beheld The Demeanour Of The Englishmen
  10. Of The Battle Of Cressy Between The King Of England And The French King
  11. How The Next Day After The Battle The Englishmen Discomfited Divers Frenchmen
  12. How The Next Day After The Battle Of Cressy They That Were Dead Were Numbered By The Englishmen
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The real deal as told by the real people on the ground at the time
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