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The Long and Wonderful Voyage of Friar John de Plano Carpini

At one time, it looked dead certain that all Europe would soon be in the grasp of merciless flat faced horsemen. Just about the rest of the world already was. They rode in off the distant steppes on shaggy ponies, and turned their conquests into horse pastures strewn with bones. Then, suddenly, at the brink of disaster, their khan was poisoned, and they rode away home to elect a new one.

At this juncture, the best idea Pope Innocent could come up with was to send a friar out across the unknown to the end of the earth to tell these strangers they should please stop murdering everyone. This is the report from the man he sent.

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  1. Why Pope Innocent Sent Friar Carpini on an Arduous Trek Across Asia
  2. Who Are the Mongols, What Are They Like, What Do They Want
  3. How Chinghis Khan First Conquered His Mighty Empire
  4. How Ogotay, Chinghis' Son, Tried to Conquer the Rest of the World
  5. How the Mongols Fight, and How to Fight Them Back
  6. Our Journey Eight Months Across Vast Steppes to the Mongol Homeland
  7. We Live Among the Golden Horde, Waiting to Meet the New Khan
  8. I Finally Meet Kajuk Khan, Deliver the Pope's Letter, And Receive His Reply
  9. We Return, Travelling All Winter Long, Arriving Next Summer
  10. Brief Enigmatic Reply of the Mongol Khan Kajuk to the Christian Pope Innocent
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The real deal as told by the real people on the ground at the time
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