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This is the man. The real deal. The big kahuna. The one guy who everyone thinks of as soon as you say hero, leader, warrior. How did he get that way? On purpose is how. As a boy, he intended to become a hero, so he worked hard it it, and did. Went to the Alps, France, Germany, England -- kicked barbarian butt everywhere he went. Then wrote down all his exploits, so that everyone would know what he had done. And here's the deal: Caesar wrote just as skillfully as he fought.

War in Gaul by Julius Caesar is not just a classic. It is one heck of a thrilling story.

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  1. introduction
  2. what Gauls are like
  3. what Germans are like
  4. what their forest is like
  5. what Swiss are like
  6. how Swiss emigration started the trouble
  7. conspiracies among the French
  8. how I defeated the Swiss
  9. negotiations with a bad barbarian
  10. why our soldiers are scared of Germans
  11. my showdown with a ruthless German king
  12. I defeat the German king
  13. trouble in Belgium
  14. a barbarian leader named Bibrax
  15. we defeat the Bellovacks
  16. we defeat the Nervies
  17. we defeat the Atuatucks
  18. trouble in the Alps
  19. we defeat the Venets
  20. general Sabinus holds out
  21. general Crassus is massacred
  22. we defeat the Menapis
  23. more Germans invade
  24. we defeat the Germans
  25. I build a bridge across the Rhine
  26. I scout the island of Britain
  27. our first adventures in Britain
  28. how we built ships to invade Britain
  29. war with a tribe named Trevers
  30. a barbarian named Dumnorix
  31. I invade Britain
  32. war in Britain
  33. what the Britons are like
  34. winter quarters
  35. Sabinus
  36. Cicero
  37. competition between two brave soldiers
  38. Caesar to the rescue
  39. a barbarian leader named Indutiomar
  40. more commotion
  41. fighting the tribe named Trevers
  42. I cross the Rhine again
  43. a great barbarian named Ambiorix
  44. Cicero's camp
  45. devastation
  46. revolt among the barbarians
  47. the great barbarian leader Vercingetorix
  48. we take several towns
  49. siege of Avaricum
  50. Vercingetorix gives a speech
  51. our allied kings
  52. the siege of Gergovy
  53. our allies revolt
  54. our allies misbehave
  55. war with barbarians from Nevers
  56. war with barbarians from Paris
  57. all the Gauls unite against us
  58. an exciting cavalry fight
  59. abiut the city of Alesia
  60. the mighty siege of Alesia
  61. a massive army of Gauls gathers
  62. desperate times
  63. the great battle of Alesia
  64. I am victorius
  65. my fired Aulus Hirtius
  66. pacifying our conquests
  67. the Bellovacks rebel
  68. We ambush a barbarian leader
  69. the Bellovacks surrender
  70. several generals
  71. two barbarian leaders, Drap and Luther
  72. we destroy Uxelloden
  73. the end of a barbarian freedom fighter
  74. skip forward a year
  75. politics at home
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The real deal as told by the real people on the ground at the time
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